Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Dress Review

Hey guys! I received this gorgeous dress from You can check the dress out here. The site has so much to pick from; dresses, jewelry,bags and more! I picked this dress because its like nothing I own. The dress fits me well and I love how it hugs my hips so that it creates a nice shape. The dress comes in small, medium and large ( I am wearing a large).The color really stands out and having the back cutout adds even more uniqueness to it. I paired the dress with some nude heels from Aldo. I'm planning on wearing this dress to an upcoming bridal party/bachelorette party.

If your interested in placing an order check out the website here. Also here is some shipping information if you wanted to know.

Flat Rate shipping: 7 - 25 business days
Standard shipping: 6 - 8 business days
Expedited​ shipping: 3 - 7 business days


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Products I use for my hair journey: Part 1 Moisturizers and Oils

It wasn't until I started my hair journey did I learn how import is it to moisturize and seal my hair every night. Before I started my journey I would just wrap my hair up and leave it at that. I would never use any kind of moisturizer or oil before wrapping my hair up for the night. Up until now when I would wake up my hair would be dry then I would add moisturizer before I styled my hair. But now every night before I wrap my hair for bed I moisturize and seal my hair with oil and it makes a huge difference in my hair. I even did a small experiment to see the difference in my hair. I went a whole week without moisturizing and sealing my hair and I will never do that again. My hair became very dry and hard to manage when it was time for styling.

Steps I take to moisturize and oil seal my hair.

Step 1: I part my hair into four sections. I have very thick hair so to ensure I get every strand coated evenly I have to part my hair.

Step 2: Take a section and apply moisturizer (pictured below) making sure to coat root to tip.

Step 3: Detangle the section using a wide tooth comb.

Step 4: Seal the section with oil (pictured below).

Step 5: This step varies depending on what I want to do with my hair so here are some of the things I may do.
         A: Clip section away from the others and repeat steps 1-4 on the other sections then gather all the sections together for a low bun.
         B: Bantu knot finished section, size of knots varies each time I do them.
         C: Clip section away from the others and repeat steps 1-4 on the other sections then gather all the sections together to wrap hair, I do this when I want to keep my hair straight.

This is the only hair moisturizer that I use. I started using this four years ago and I have never used anything else since. You can find this in just about every CVS, Target, Wal-Mart and Sally's Beauty Supply

I use all three of these oils (not all at the same time). The coconut oil is amazing for my scalp. I have a very dry scalp and the coconut oil has helped my scalp along with a shampoo (which I will talk about in another post). The Argon oil is my go to oil for everyday. It is on the pricey side ($9.99 from Sally's Beauty ) but totally worth it. The other two coconut oils I found at my local Sam's Club and Kroger but I have Amazon links below each one if your unable to find them near you.

Purchase from Amazon
Purchase from Amazon 


Water Marble May 2014: Marble #2

I tried a glitter polish for this look and it worked out. The trick for using glitter polishes for water marble is to use a thin glitter polish. I of course used OPI Alpine Snow as the base color (my favorite base color to use for water marble). Click here to see the video!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Smile Sciences "Sweet Teeth" Review

Introducing “Sweet Teeth”, candy flavored teeth whitening gel, a revolutionary way to whiten your teeth with a burst of bubblegum flavor! This candy flavored teeth whitening kit Brought to you by Smile Sciences will leave your teeth gleaming white and feeling clean with zero sensitivity.
Comes with three dental quality treatments, Flavored gel, sweet teeth teeth whitening maintenance pen. Vitamin E swabs & a LED light.
Whitening teeth 4-8 shades in only 20 minutes

Click here to see the video I did testing out the teeth whitening kit.

Use my coupon code pinkkit to get a kit for $29.00 at


After 2 treatments

Here are some links to some of the products I talked about in the video.